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January 28,2000
06:01 AM. EST


Stock and sports fans! I am not picking sides on this one. I do like the RAMS to come out on fire and for Ricky Proel to have a big game as the Rams split him as their 4th wide receiver with the likes of Marshall Falk. I am looking for the RAMS who easily have the most complicated offense in the world to confuse the Titans and score early and often. Then the Titans should counter, and score some points of their own. It should be the Isac Bruce and Kurt Warner ( No, not the Seahawks running back ) and the Air McNair Freak show! Not to upset anyone today. I like the Over in this one! Lots of points to go with all of those DOT COM commercials. It seems logical. It should be a dandy!


Stock Fans, If any of you are true sports fans as well as Stock Fans! Then you are familiar with the Jim Rome. You know him best as the guy that got popped by Jim Evert years ago for mispronouncing his name. Rome is host a daily syndicated show he calls in short "The Jungle!" Well, folks this market indeed is the jungle. Doesn't it seem strange to you that when the market is roaring and flying higher all those reports that Al Greenspan looks at are favorable for the market. Then as the market needs something to cool it off the reports come in stronger. Amazing isn't it? Well, not really. Its all a game. What we did is go on Defense and rest our offense. It's like a football game we can't go deep with big plays long. So we will plot our way with shorter plays. Only one thing matters folks! As Rome says "Score Board!" Looking at our scoreboard over the last few days. I would say we are killing the competition!


The NASDAQ is going open lower today on the heals of that GDP report. The Key area to watch right off the get go is is 3,953. We lose it and well it could be 3,850. Watch the market close today off the open as if there aren't buyers we fall to 3,953. When we fall to 3,953 I expect a small bounce back up. However later in the day with the weekend coming I do except us to test 3,850 the low of 2000. There are buyers out there. Some of them are major players when they go in this market in the form of blocks and buy we then have washed out. I really think that we were going test 3,953 anyway. However now after the GDP report saying stocks are on fire. I look for 3,850 to come today. It is there we will see cool water douse the flames and buyers come back in size. I like a close of just over 3,953 today after we test and hold 3,850. Even if I thought we would test our next level of NASDAQ support I wouldn't say it as its 3,750 ouch!

Today's Play of The Day is: DSLnet (NASDAQ:DSLN), Inc. is a data communications and Internet access provider using digital subscriber line technology to provide high-speed Internet access solutions to small and medium size businesses., Inc. is based in New Haven, Connecticut.

The stock closed just slightly off its high of the day at 21.93750 on volume of more then 300% its normal 30 day average volume. The only reason I can find seems to be a very good one. The stock will report earnings following this coming Tuesday's close. The stock should again blow away numbers if its movement and volume-interest, and popularity on the buy side yesterday had anything to do with it. I like this stock a lot today as it should hold $20.6250 then pull its boot straps back up after we test our NASDAQ lows today, and close in a flurry as it has after today one more day to run to its all time high 26 plus ahead of this coming Tuesday.

Buy Area: $20.6250-$21.3750
Sell Stop:$19.8750
Time Frame: 2 days
Type of Trade: Sell Tuesday into Earnings Report


(NASDAQ: ISPD) This stock should continue to trade in tandem with DSLN today and Monday as it did yesterday.


Open Market, Inc. develops, markets, licenses and supports a family of application software products that allow its customers to engage in business-to-business and business-to-consumer Internet commerce, information commerce and commercial publishing. Open Market's software includes a wide spectrum of functionality required to effectively conduct business on the Internet, allowing companies to attract customers to their Web sites, interest them in acting upon an offer, complete a transaction and service them once a transaction has been completed.

Stock fans, key phrase, business to business. This stock has been on a tear. Earnings are to be announced on 2/3/00. Buying on any weakness after 10ish in the morning.

Key Indicators: OMKT
Buy Area:$52.50 to $54.75
Sell Stop:$52.25
TARGET:$57.75 to $60.25
Time Frame: 2 to 6 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade


Andover.Net (NASDAQ: ANDN) is the leading Linux destination on the Internet. Serving 50 million page impressions to over 2.4 million users each month, Andover.Net ( includes the largest news/community site, Slashdot (; the largest site for programmer resources, (; and the popular developer e-commerce site, ThinkGeek ( With these sites and our other Linux sites such as FreeCode ( and LinuxDaveCentral (, Andover.Net accounts for over 50% of the visits to Linux destinations on the Internet. Andover.Net also includes cross-platform sites such as MediaBuilder ( that provide programmer and developer resources for users of many popular operating systems in addition to Linux such as Windows, UNIX and Macintosh.

Take a look at the following press releases this stock should be ready to add to its share price with some much postive news happening.

(Note the following ANDN news releases are 3 different news links.)

ACTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 27, 2000-- Andover.Net (NASDAQ:ANDN - news), the Internet's leading Linux destination, today announced the acquisition of, the leading on-line support site for Linux and Open Source. With over 1,500 registered consultants, QuestionExchange provides a technical support marketplace over the Web to individuals and corporations adopting Linux and Open Source products.

ACTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 27, 2000-- Andover.Net (NASDAQ:ANDN - news) the Internet's leading Linux destination, today announced a new corporate services initiative for Linux and Open Source projects. The program includes a broad range of fee-based Internet services including on-line technical documentation, on-line expert support, application updates and project consulting.

ACTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 27, 2000--Andover.Net, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANDN - news), the Internet's leading Linux/Open Source destination, today reported that its revenues totaled $2.1 million in its quarterly results for the period ended on December 31, 1999. This is a 103% increase over revenues of $1.0 million for the quarter ended September 30, 1999.

Today we will look to buy into shares of (NASDAQ:ANDN) as the NASDAQ market approaches what we look for as today's support NASDAQ - 3,953

Key Indicators: ANDN
Buy Area:$32.15 to $32.75
Sell Stop:$31.09
TARGET:$36.025 to $37.66
Time Frame: 2 to 6 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #3 - Bluestone Software (NASDAQ:BLSW)

Bluestone Software, Inc. (BLSW) is a provider of software for enterprise interaction management, which enables businesses to extend information over the World Wide Web in a controlled manner and to support high volumes of users and interactions. Yesterday after the close, Hewlett-Packard (HWP) agreed to integrate Bluestone's extensible markup language (XML) Suite Integration Server into HP's Changengine, a business process management system. The stock seems to be behaving as if it might just have more news coming soon The news upcoming may be that the stock announces a stock split. If this happens I urge you all to take a look at (NASDAQ:ADAP) Here is a stock that was trading a little over $120.00 yesterday. It reported less then stellar numbers causing the stock to drop $7.00. Upon a stock split announcement it added $9.00 plus

On Monday, January 31, (NASDAQ:BLSW) will announce quarterly results after the close of trade. Analysts are anticipating a loss of.$0.24 cents per share. Note that also on the same day, shareholders will attend a special meeting called for by the Board of Directors. The combination of these two events along with Bluestone's current stock price of $102.25 adds validity to what we are suggesting. Does the company have enough shares to split? Yes, with 53.8 million authorized and only 18 million outstanding. The firm has not previously split. Sales during the most recent quarter increased 60.31 percent when compared with the year-ago period. Brokers recommend BLSW with two "strong buys" and two "moderate buys." Over the past year.

Even though BLSW is a little bit more then the stocks we like to profile here at, we like this one in that even a 100 share buy could add on more then $15.00-$20.00 points. On a 100 share purchase that could be as much as 2,000 in a few days time. Not to shabby!

Buy Area: $91.25-$92.1250
Sell Stop: $88.1250
TARGET: $120.00 on a split
Time Frame: 2 day
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

ASFD- CEO looked half a sleep. We will take our lumps on this one today. Not a big loss minus 75 cents at max.
NWRE- We saw it at 2.75 yesterday. It almost made 5.00 in after hours on LINUX news.
VRTL- $13.50 test today
NITE- 60 Target
ANCR- Record Earnings

Have a great day!

More to come....

Stock Jock!
and Team of Pro Traders!

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