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January 26 , 2000
07:45 AM EST.


Stock Fans! I will be in and out of the trading room today as I have some personal business to attend to. The other members of our Pro Trading TEAM will be there to help today while I am gone.

Today's Play of The Day is: Shop at Home, INC. (NASDAQ:SATH)

Shop At Home, Inc.(NASDAQ:SATH) sells specialty consumer products, primarily collectibles, through interactive electronic media including broadcast, cable and satellite television and, increasingly, over the Internet. Shop At Home Network reaches over 56 million unique cable and satellite households and is the Nation's 15th largest television broadcaster with stations in San Francisco, Boston, Houston, Cleveland, Raleigh and Bridgeport, which is licensed to the New York market.

Stock Fans! I remember back in Jan of 1999 less then 13 months ago when SATH a stock that not many had heard of was making its way into the mid 20's and creating a trading graph that looked a heck of a lot like the amazing graph that AMZN had created in its 1st year of trading. SATH began at just under $7.00 in December of 1998, but then on the prospects of launching the worlds first online and on TV auction site it would be a daytraders dream as over the next 2 months the stock would go as high as almost 40.00 as it saw huge volume as investors jumped in.

The stock however in mid March fell big as SATH missed its numbers and then into the NASDAQ Internet related sell off in August of 1999 SATH fell almost back to where it had come from more then 7 months prior.

However in mid September 1999, the extremely influential Internet analysts at (NYSE:MER) Henry Bloggett came out and put the likes of SATH in the same sentence as he did AMZN. With that SATH made a bit of a move but nothing to spectacular.

Well, its now coming into Feb, 2000 and SATH will again report numbers that are expected to be over the top up coming in early Feb 2000. SATH has been suspected of late to be a buy out target of some bigger higher end names. It sure would make sense to snap up this stock ahead of the crowd. It has its own TV cable station as well as a major well thought out Internet presence. It also has something else going for it. It has seen big numbers before and big volume on its stock. I think this stock is dying to break out as market makers have managed to keep it in a tight trading range thus far as they gather it up. It also has been heavily shorted since its fall of last year. It will not take much to do 2 things that should make those holding this stock long have big smiles put on its face. One it has seen big numbers before. If the paid that much before they will again. Number 2 it will not take much to get those holding it short to cover and get out of the way of what could very well be a run away SATH train into numbers coming in the next 15 days.

Buy Area:$12.8750-$13.25
Sell Stop:$11.93750
TARGET:$16-$17.00 It could be as much as 20!
Time Frame: 15 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
THE KEY- VOLUME if it keeps adding volume it will run up!

BONUS PLAY #2 Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD)

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) offers a wide variety of industry-standard integrated circuits (ICs) that are used in many diverse product applications such as telecommunications equipment, data and network communications equipment, consumer electronics, personal computers (PCs) and workstations. The Company is engaged in the three principal technology areas within the digital IC market, memory circuits, logic circuits and microprocessors, through its two operating segments, AMD and Vantis.

Stock Fans, Advanced Micro Devices is providing some real competition for Intel. The new chips, chart, earnings and momentum say that it is time to take a position.

Key Indicators: AMD
Buy Area:$39.25 -$40.50
Sell Stop:$38.47
TARGET:$44.50 to 46.50
Time Frame: 2 to 3 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #3 Oak Technology (NASDAQ:OAKT)

Oak Technology, Inc. designs, develops and markets high performance integrated semiconductors, software and platform solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide that serve the optical storage, consumer electronics and digital imaging equipment markets. The Company's products consist primarily of integrated circuits and supporting software and firmware, all designed to store and distribute digital content, thereby enabling its OEM customers to deliver cost-effective, powerful systems to the end user for the home and enterprise

Stock Fans, Oak Technology is about to break out to new highs. This company was given a "strong buy" from Prudential.
Buy Area:$12.25 to $12.50
Sell Stop:$11.875
TARGET:$13.75 to $14.375
Time Frame: 2 to 3 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade


This stock owns a portion of the amazing PLUG it in POWER Stock (NASDAQ:PLUG). PLUG took a break yesterday as it pulled back well (NASDAQ:MKTY) made its move yesterday on the likes of (NASDAQ:PLUG) explosion. This stock should now fall back and test the $56.00 area over the next 2 days. The chart has the looks that this stock is tired and with no power left to run higher (NASDAQ:MKTY) after breaking into the mid 70's yesterday should today after closing at its mid range of $65.00, it should slide back to $56.00 for a nice short play over the next 2 days.

Sell Short Area: Off today's open
Cover for a loss: $70.43750
TARGET: $56.00-$57.25
Time Frame: 2 days
As a daytrade: Look for a buy back area of $59.00 today


John Elway will be on CNBC's Swauk Box tomorrow as Birthday Boy Wayne Gretzy him and some basketball player named Michael Jordan get ready to launch The news of this site going up with the three superstars taking over the e-Commerce side of (NASDAQ:SPLN) about 2 months ago caused SPLN to explode up more then $25 points. Since then it has really cooled off look for it to make a move again today into tomorrow as investors again remember that CNBC will indeed go out of their ways to give these guys some serious PR time!

Buy Area: $39.8750-$40.3750
Sell Stop: $38.00
TARGET: $45.00 plus
Time Frame: 2-3 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

Feb 2000 45.00 Option Calls


BIOM- Came on late in the day. Chart suggests $14.00 as a target 2 days.
VRTL- goinginto today short, as VRTL should test $15.6250 it close on last Friday
SIII- It came on late it may break out today.
USIX- On Swauk Box today The CEO was not to good. It looks to fall today
AOL- Its not worth playing until it looses 59 or it breaks up over 66.00. Its stuck in a trading range in those area, and trades sideways.
YHOO- Look for it to retest $316.00 in 4 days time.
MACR- Numbers coming soon they should be off the scale. It should split 2 for 1
WEBT- Staying short after run up into earnings.
EELN- Stock upgraded to strong buy at Lemans. It was sent as an ALERT email it looks great to continue its move today along with MDCM
MDCM- finished at day high.
KIDE- It looks ready to make a move back to $23.00
ELOT- strong support at 9.00 its a buy there today. I like the 10's soon
SBUX- It looks ready to get back in 30's today
CMGI- It will fight hard to hold $105.00 today
QCOM- Its way down in pre market trading. its 30 day area of strong support is $114.00. We loook for the bleeding to stop there today. It should close just under $134.00
INFS- Strong Buy
DIS- Dis can the mouse get 40? It sure can 40's this week! That is my final answer!
I am still waiting for Regis to say he's going to Disneyland on national TV after saving DIS with his "Who wants to be a Millioniare!"
EBAY- We will not chase as it pulls back 5 today. The gets a base and plots higher.
RNWK- Its 3rd split in 2 year. It is hard to imagine I called this stock in an AOL chat room at 25.00 in Nov of 1998. It now is up more then $800.00 since then. It looks to fall back today after opening higher.

Have a great day!

More to come....

Stock Jock!
and Team of Traders.

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