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January 11, 2000
08:27 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: Winfield Capital Corp. (NASDAQNM:WCAP)

Stock Fans, Winfield Capital has been consolidating the past few days. WCAP has 11 public holdings including CMRC, JWEB, COOL, ROWE, BLSW, IBUY, INSP, WGAT, HEAR, PNVN and ESTM. Ten of these have come public in last 10 months. Private holdings of interest include MarketFirst, Internet Gift Registries/Wedding Network, Screaming, Aeneid Corp, TeraStor, SynQuest, Vivid Semiconductor and Pseudo Programs. It's announcing new investments every 30 to 60 days." There was a net institutional buying last quarter of 44%. This stock has a very low float of 3.9 million shares. That means that when the volume comes in this baby ICGE should make a move to the upside.

Buy Area: $33.75 to $34.125
Sell Stop: $31.56
TARGET: $37.5375 to $39.24
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #1: Pilot Networking Services (NASDAQNM:PILT)
Pilot Network Services, Inc. provides a wide range of secure Internet services that incorporate high-bandwidth connectivity and enable secure electronic business over the Internet. Pilot's services include secure access and gateway services, secure hosting and electronic commerce services, and secure extranet and virtual private networking services. These services enable remote users and wide-area networks to securely communicate enterprise-wide and over the Internet. Pilot provides these services through its geographically dispersed Network Security Centers to financial, professional services, technology, consumer, entertainment, education, mass media, industrial, and manufacturing customers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London, Boston, and Washington D.C. metropolitan areas.

Stock Fans, after researching the Internet security firms, we feel this has the most potential for a big run this year. It has been on a solid uptrend and some caution should be used. It does however look good if it can get some more volume to make a nice solid move higher in the coming days.

Buy Area: $27.25 to $27.75
Sell Stop: $26.36
TARGET: $30.50 to $31.9125
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

Artisoft, Inc. (ASFT) is a provider of advanced computer telephony products that enhance how businesses communicate with their customers. The Company also provides networking and communications solutions, primarily to small businesses. The company's current products include TeleVantage (computer telephony), ModemShare (modem sharing), and InfoFast (fax-on-demand). The TeleVantage package was given a Best of Show award at Communications Solutions Expo Fall '99 and has been declared Product of the Year by four separate industry trade magazines. The company was up over 175% in the fourth quarter reported and has continued a nice follow through. The stock should continue to move higher. The volume indicates that it could have more good news coming as it is due to report numbers for its last quarterly earnings after the close on January 20, 2000. It should be in the mid 20's by that time as it looks to continue its recent rise to the upside.

Buy Area:$18.43750-$18.6250
Sell Stop:$16.93750
TARGET: $24.50-25.00
Time Frame: 5 trading days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #4 Data Broadcasting (NASDAQ:DBCC)
Data Broadcasting Corporation distributes financial data and business information on a subscription basis to investors and businesses through DBC West/BMI and Capital Management Sciences (CMS). DBC West/BMI's principal services are Signal, BMI MarketCenter, Quotrek, StockEdge, AgCast, Federal News Service (FNS) and various sports services. DBC West and BMI create their data feeds by gathering ticker and news feeds from stock exchanges and other sources and processing them into data feeds that are transmitted to satellite transponders that broadcast the feed to FM radio stations, cable television networks and directly to subscribers. CMS' principal service is BondEdge, a Windows-based fixed income portfolio analytic system that provides risk management, regulatory reporting and compliance tools. DBC also is a partial owner of DBC Marketwatch.Com, LLC, a joint venture formed with CBS Broadcasting, Inc. to expand the Company's Internet business information site.

Wev'e had our eye on this one for two weeks now as it has held a trading range of $7.8750 to $8.50 even throughout all of the major swings we have had in the NASDAQ Market. Even with the NASDAQ down 220 points, (NASDAQ:DBCC) held steady; when the NASDAQ recovered and was up 150 points, DBCC made a slight move with the market to upside. With all of the sellers sellers being out of the stock it has low risk and could move fast as it could see buyers in volume come into it

Yesterday, on double it's normal 30 day vol., DBCC broke out above $9.00 per share. It also closed above it's 13 day Moving Average. $9.27 is the 50 day Moving Average which reflects when DBCC used to be a $50 stock. We aren't looking for it to reach t those lofty elevations again any time soon. However DBCC has current volume and price range indicates it could very well have better days ahead

Buy Area:$8.93750-$9.1250
Sell Stop:$8.43750
Time Frame: 4 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

The February 2000 $10.00 Options Call contracts

InFocus Systems (Nasdaq:INFS) is the worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing award-winning data/video pr and services. All projectors provided by InFocus are backed by a comprehensive two-year service warranty, an exclusive "24-hour seven days per week" customer support hotline 800/799-9911 and our Priority Care program.

This stock looks very solid and was up yesterday more then $2.00. Its unique technology should send it further as it looks to report stellar earnings scheduled for January 20, 2000. The stock could find it way to as high as $35.00 by that time.

Buy Area:$25.3750-$25.6250
Sell Stop:$24.25
Time Frame: 6 trading days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

February 2000 30.00 Option Call contracts.

AOL- It has created a solid base. It looks ready to have YHOO shareholders pile in soon.
JWEB- Nice earnrings report today.
SPDE- deal today with Bell South active in pre market
XPDR- EMAIL ALERT that should see more upside soon
YHOO- Stock should fall back into earnings. Looking for it to close under $390.00 today.
CPWR-stellar numbers expected.
INTC-upgraded today.
HCEN- ALERT EMAIL called it on close its up to 14 plus. Looking for 17 today as a sell area.
NTRX- closed at day high, on heavy volume. It may see 23 or more today.
CNTR - heavy volume. If it can get 9.25 it should run.
VFND- still very solid. I like 20 on this one in next 10 days.
EGRT- Strong Buy rating
NWS- Should go higher
DIS- It may see 40 today
GO- If DIS moves it should follow

Have a great day!

More to come....

Stock Jock!
and Team of Traders

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