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Our much awaited and anticipated Long Yardage service is here. Ok, so the
anticipation isn't quite like the Super Bowl, but weâre here to make the
profits better than the cost of those expensive ads  Long Yardage is great
for those who just don't have the time to be actively involved in the market
on a daily basis.  Even so, anyone can benefit from the service as we help
you salt away daily gains that can be used for those golfing trips in
retirement.  Who knows, maybe we'll even help you retire early. We hope our
timing is great for Long Yardage as our own Stock Jock was correct it would
appear in calling the NASDAQ's year low at 2534.00... well close enough,
2523.00 last Thursday (11/30/00)  Long Yardage is our chance here at
BigPlayStocks.com (BPS) to take on those clever Fund Mangers and see if we
can beat them at their own game!  Since they are our competition, we will be
designating Long Yardage as its own index that we will track on the (BPS)
website daily against the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ indexes under the symbol (on
our website only) (LYI). Make sure you watch it, as we will update our
progress daily!   So without further build-up, letâs get into the meat of the


The Long Yardage service will detail a model portfolio of ten stocks (to be
revealed shortly) that will include stocks we feel have the potential to
provide returns that will outpace the market.  The majority of these will be
ãNEW ECONOMYä stocks, but could be any sector we feel will best perform
under the prevailing market conditions.  Each week, usually on the weekend,
we will evaluate the portfolio and make appropriate changes so they can be
made in plenty of time for the markets next open for your review.  This model
portfolio will start out with $100,000 that will be split evenly among the
ten stocks chosen.


All stocks will be purchased at the closing price of the day of the
recommendation.  Each stock will have our suggested stop price listed on the
(BPS) Web site as well as in our Long Yardage emails (just like this one!).
Sometimes these will change during the week, so visiting each day to view the
changes is suggested.  Each weekend, we will send out an update through
email, outlining the changes and results for that week.  To view results
during the week, visit the Long Yardage section of www.bigplaystocks.com.

Each stock in the Long Yardage Portfolio will have the name of the company,
symbol, closing price and gain or loss for the previous trading day as well
as Player Profile, Game Strategy and Long Yardage Indicators associated with

All 10 of our stocks will be laid out in the following fashion.

(See Example Below)

COMPANY NAME (Symbol) (Latest Closing Price + or - previous day)


(In this section we will give you the stocks company profile)


(In this section we will lay out why we are adding the stock to the portfolio)

Date Added:    (Date we are added the stock to the portfolio)
# Of Shares:   (Number of shares purchased)
Cost Basis     (Amount of money used to purchase the stock)
Stock Price:   (The price used to purchase the stock)    
Limit Stop:    (The price we will use to take the stock out of the portfolio)
+25% Sell:     (This is a special price we will use to take advantage of big
jumps to the upside. Since we would be happy with a 25% gain for any of our
stocks. If a stock gains 25% in a week or less we sell and take profits!)


If a stock hits its stop or is dropped, we will take the capital and divide
it equally among the replacements on the weekend. So if 3 stocks are dropped
and the total capital is $24,000, we would then add 3 new stocks and buy as
many shares as $8,000 would purchase for each new position.

(Example Below)

Stock XYZ we bought at 25.00 we bought 10,000 worth or 400. The stock then
falls and hits our limit stop of 22.00. We then use the remainder so ( 400 x
25.00 - 22.00 = 3.00 x 400 = 12.00.00 ( 10,000 - 1200.00 = 8800.00  We also
have a stock XYZZ we bought at 30.00  that we are deciding to sell at 40.00.
Our original purchase was 333 shares at 30 = 10,000.  Since the stock has
added on 10.00 in gains since our purchase we now have 333 shares x 10.00
gains  = 3333,00.  Therefore using the 2 stock now to replace the first one
because it dropped, and the second one because it made a nice gain and we
decided to take profits we now have the following:

Stock XYZ Sold at a loss of 1,200.00 Leaving us 8,800.00
Stock XYZZ Sold at a gain of 3,333.00 Leaving us 13,333.00

We therefore must replace these 2 positions in the Long Yardage Portfolio. We
divide the total dollars ( 8800.00 + 13,333.00 = 22,133.00 Divide by 2 =
11,066.00 into 2 new positions.


The obvious goal here is to achieve as high of return as possible and out
pace the S&P 500, the index that most Mutual Funds are compared against.  We
will track every single trade for your review.  This definitely isnât
something the managers of your Mutual Funds will let you see. But like the
great Vince Lombardi once said, ãWinning isnât everything, itâs the only
thing.ä  We hope to not only be winners by helping you put more money in your
account, but also see how it was done! We certainly aren't illusionist, but
we are professional traders who spend 100-hour weeks (sometimes) more
researching and watching the markets trade.  If we don't make the right picks
itâs not caused by a lack of effort!


So here we go, the ball is on the tea, the whistle has blown and weâre ready to kick off (BPS) BRAND NEW Long Yardage Portfolio! So letâs get to know the starting players that are going to get the ball first as they are the 10 stocks that debut in the Long Yardage Portfolio.

 Week 1 Yardage (12/4/00) , Week 2 Yardage (12/11/00) , Week 3 Yardage (12/18/00) Week 4 Yardage (12/26/00)

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