Was It "Uncanny" that BPS.com Called (CANI) Ahead of the Crowd?"
By: BPS Pro Trader: "StockSlugger!"

Yet another prime example of our commitment to providing members with profitable swing trades was a recent call last week, Carreker Corp (CANI). Regardless of the market conditions as a whole, we know that advancing stocks and strong companies are still present and felt extremely confident that CANI would be one such stock. Our team spends endless hours reviewing and analyzing companies that are solid candidates for profitable stock moves. Crossing one pro traders path while analyzing and researching promising companies was CANI. CANI Yes, it trades on the NASDAQ, and yes it's a tech stock, however its chart looks more like a drug stock or HMO of late. As it's traded almost exactly opposite of the NASDAQ lately, umm UP! Way UP! CANI exemplified numerous characteristics of a company that is headed down a path of success and sequential growth. Carreker Corp., belongs to the Technology sector and is part of the Computer Services industry. CANI supplies integrated consulting and software solutions that help banks maximize their electronic finance opportunities. To put it simply, CANI is at the backbone of e-finance. With the constant demand for more efficient business practices applied through technology, CANI shows great potential.

Fundamentally speaking CANI shapes up very nicely. We believe that CANI possesses all the necessary fundamentals of a corporation that has exemplified and will continue to exemplify substantial growth. Heavily researching into the growth of CANI we found very impressive data. For the years of '97, '98, '99, CANI has had sequential growth in revenues of 40.5 million, 55 million, and 75.8 million respectively. Furthermore CANI's 1-year revenues growth is 149.82% higher then the industry average. For the same three-year period, CANI has posted sequential growth in Net Income of 3.1 million, 5.2 million, and 7.9 million respectively. Moreover CANI's 1-year Net Income growth is 169.12 % higher then the industry average. Once again over that same three-year period, CANI has seen Cash Flow increases of 4.4 million, 6.9 million, and 11.1 million respectively. CANI's 1-year Cash Flow increase is 250.01% greater then the industry average. These numbers are extremely strong compared to the industry. CANI is displaying outstanding growth.

Currently CANI has been putting up great earnings numbers. Recently on December 5th CANI reported earnings of 19 cents a share for the 3rd quarter beating the street by 2 cents. Granted this may not seem like an extremely large number, however in light of the recent poor earnings by nearly every technology based company, it is great news. It further goes to show how strong this company is becoming. CANI has earned a reputation of late to consistently beat the street. For 11 consecutive quarters, CANI has beaten the street.

On a final note, CANI has displayed great strength in the area of corporate management. Upper division management has turned CANI into a global company. CANI works with more then half of the large banks in the U.K., Canada, and Australia. Furthermore CANI has a client retention rate of 90% in North America, and work with 70 of the 100 largest banks in the U.S. These are extremely impressive numbers as it displays CANI is headed down a path of strong market domination.

We recently played CANI for a short-term swing trade, as we were very confident it would provide our members with some nice profits during a struggling Nasdaq. We also made note that this stock is setting up to be a great long-term play as well. For a short term trade we like CANI for several reasons; First we like the great news on recent earnings, which was extremely promising considering the recent loss announcements of most tech companies. Second we liked the massive increase in large institutional buying, as we believed that "Smart Money" was taking note to the promise CANI exemplified. Last but not least, we loved the strong momentum this stock possessed in light of the brutal trading conditions the Nasdaq has displayed. We recommended a buy of CANI on Wednesday Dec. 06 at a price of $26.50. Our execution price was hit, and by Friday Dec. 08 we reached our target of $30!!! That's a gain of $3.50 in 2 days!! CANI is a perfect example of the many successful stocks we have called.

As you can see our team here at BigPlayStocks is keeping our members two steps ahead of the crowd our recent call on CANI is just another great example of that, and we're dedicated to supplying our members with only the most promising and profitable stock plays. In essence we are the coaches up in the booth watching the playing field, making the necessary calls to keep our players focused on the playing field. After the call we made on CANI last week we already got a hit off a hot pitcher nearly no hitting investor, the bear! However with the market poised to make a move to the upside for a variety of different reasons shares of CANI might just be hit right out of the park for a Home Run! It's defiantly a player on the NASDAQ to watch that could just move into the limelight!

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