Monday, December 4th, 2000
12:00 AM EDT.

"Team Dusts Off Its History Books And Concludes
...There Is No Better Time To Get In The Game!"

Good Morning Stock Fans!

During the 80's and 90's, those invested in the stock market made returns that were unheard since the beginning of the stock market. This unprecedented bull run left those that were not invested shaking their heads in awe as the market pulled its best Energizer Bunny impersonation by "going and going and going." Many investors and advisors kept thinking that eventually the euphoria would stop and they would get in after the bubble burst. Minor setbacks were had in both 1987 and 1998, but these hiccups just didn't last and within weeks the market was rolling up once again.   A bear market is defined as a 20% drop in the market and this has been experienced two-fold this year. At its peak, the NASDAQ Composite hit a high of 5132 back in March, with the index reaching a low of 2523 just a few days ago. For those that are a bit math challenged, this equates to a move of over 50%. The last time the NASDAQ had a drop that even came close to this year was in 1998 when the index dropped from a high of just over 2,000 to a low of just above 1,300. This was a drop in the 35% range that took roughly four months to occur. Our current bear market started in March and is entering its 9th month. The reason we are bringing this up is to show what can happen after a market comes out of a bear market.   When the bear market ended in 1998, the NASDAQ then went on a tear that not only made up for the preceding drop, but also continued on with relatively little resistance until this year. These means the NASDAQ rose from a low of 1300 in 1998 to over 5000.00 in just two years. That's a nearly 400% return. Wouldn't you like to have been buying stocks at the bottom in 1998? They say hindsight is 20/20, but let's learn from the past to help us profit in the future.

"Reasons Why The NASDAQ Has Most Likely Bottomed!"

Lets look at a few reasons why our very own StockJock! predicted a bottom on the NASDAQ of 2534.00, which was just 11 points off of the 2523.00 low on November 30.   This doesn't necessarily mean the 11/30/00 low is going to end up being the bottom, were professional traders not psychics but there are reasons why we feel now might be the best time to get back in the market in decades. First, a 50% retracement is a very strong support level on a decline on stocks and indices. Second,a cry from the bears during the whole bull market was overvaluation. Though it can still be argued that many stocks are still overvalued, if you liked Yahoo when it was in the 200's, how can you not like it in the 30's? The bear market has at least brought hundreds of tech stocks back into somewhat normal valuations. This bodes well for fund mangers, as they need to be invested for the year-end reports. The Street calls this window dressing. Managers want to be able to show they are invested in the big name growth stocks. This alone will provide strength for the fastest growing tech companies.  

"Uncertainty!" Is Beginning To See Its End"

No one can deny that the whole Presidential debacle has taken its toll on the market. If there is anything the market hates, its "uncertainty". It seems this historic event is near completion and this alone should add a lot of support for the market. Around the same time the Election should be resolved, the Federal Reserve meets for its FOMC meeting Dec 19, 2000. With the latest economic data showing a definite slow down, it is highly anticipated that the Fed will at least move to a neutral bias, if not even cutting rates. The last thing the Mr.Greenspan wants on his biography is that he ended his career putting the country into a recession.   Looking at everything together, it seems to us that now is an absolutely great time to get back into the market. Even if it takes a few more weeks to get things resolved, we see the downside risk as being low compared to the huge upside potential.

Stock Jock Misses NASDAQ Bottom By 11.00 Points!

That's why our very own Stock Jock! last Thursday (11/30/00) called for his low at 2534.00 and the real low was 2523.00,, It looks like he mixed up Walter Payton (#34) with Michael Jordan (#23) for all you Chicago sports fans that have been in just a bad a drought lately as the NASDAQ,,But in all seriousness The Stock Jock! had the right idea when he released to all of you last Thursday (11/30/00) 2 free Stock Picks off his NASDAQ bottom call at 2534.00.

"Stock Jock Stuffs Free Stock Fan's Stocking's With JDSU, and NTAP Gainers!"

He passed out JDS Unipahse (JDSU)  with a buy are of 50.00, and less than 1 day later it had cleared 60.00!  200 shares at 50.00 would have netted a profit of 2,000! WOW  He also included for good measure Network Appliance (NTAP) at the same time,, at 46.00 as it was holding just over a level that was 100.00 off its 45 day high of 145.50! If nothing else Stock Jock! (SJ!) applied a rather ridiculous strategy as it seemed it would never need to be used on (NTAP) of buy any quality Tech Stock 100.00 off its 45 day high!  See how many times that strategy works!  The call on (NTAP)  at 46.00 was golden as the stock would explode back to over 59.00 a share the next day for 10.00 plus in gains!  200 shares of (NTAP)  at 46.00 could have made a Stock Fan as much as 2776.00 in less then 2 days double WOW!

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