1. What is the difference between a day trade and a swing trade?

We refer to a day trade as a position held 1-2 days. A swing trade is a position held 3-5 days.

2. I am just starting out. Is there an online broker that you recommend?

We do not have any affiliations with any online brokers, however E*trade is running an special offer to our subscribers:

3. Where can I learn to read charts?

You’re in luck! We will be having a weekly feature to learn charting in the "Ask the Coach" section of our site. This will be a weekly feature that uses various aspects of using charts.

4, What is the best membership for someone who works full time?

The membership you choose depends entirely on how much time you have to follow the market. If your schedule does not allow you to be a short-term trader, we have a membership called "Long Yardage" which tracks long term investments. See our membership page for details.

5. how does your billing cycle work?

Memberships are billed starting the day you signed up for the full term. We do not bill on a calendar month. Please read our cancellation policy below in order to find out how to stop your account from renewing.

Cancellation Policy:
Membership Fees are charged to a Member's credit card automatically upon sign-up and on each subsequent Renewal Date unless and until we receive a written Notice of Cancellation. Notice of cancellation should be sent to info@bigplaystocks.com. We must receive written notice prior to the renewal date and you must include your username. If you do not recall your username we can look up your account with the first and last four digits of the card used to sign up with. It is not possible to cancel simply by removing your email address from the list service provider. Upon receipt of a Cancellation Notice, we will not renew the membership, nor will you receive any subsequent charges on your credit card. However, refunds are not issued for any reason, nor do we "retroactively cancel" a membership or prorate memberships.

6. What is a "sell / stop"
A sell / stop is an order type that helps prevent holding a position that declines more than we are willing to accept. It also functions as a way to protect profits. Here are examples of both:

1. I buy IBM at $100 but I am unwilling to continue to hold the stock if it dips below $90. So a sell / stop is placed at $90 so that the stock will be sold if it reaches that price.

2. I buy IBM at $100. The stock moves up to $120. I place a sell / stop at $110 so that should the stock price decline, I am virtually assured of a $10 profit / share.

7. Do you follow options?

We frequently include an option pick under a Play if we feel that it is worth while.

8. How can I upgrade or change my membership?

Email us at info@bigplaystocks.com and include your username.

9. I stopped receiving emails. Why?

We have NO control over the amount of time it takes for a specific piece of email to reach you. If there is ever a problem getting out emails, please note that the emails are posted on the site and they can be accessed with your username and password. Please contact us immediately if you are having problems and it is not related to your ISP.

10. how do I change the email address that the newsletters are sent to?

Email us at info@bigplaystocks.com and include your username and the new address.

11.How much money so I need to start trading?

That is completely up to what you are willing to risk and what you can afford to invest. The minimum account balance of most brokerage firms is $2,000. However, this will vary based on each institution requirements.

12. Do you have any recommended reading?

Please see our online bookstore for our suggestions.

13. At what point should I close a position?

Learning when to sell (close a position) can be one of the most difficult decisions in trading. A good rule of thumb is to use sell / stop orders to limit the downside. Often times, good practice to protect your profits involves setting adjusting sell / stops as well.

14. What criteria do you use when selecting a stock for your Play?

We use a variety of criteria to choose our stock play. The following are just a few of the criteria: volume, institutional block trades, news, momentum, support / resistance levels, and peer movement.

15. How can I get my username and password if I do not recall them?

Email us at info@bigplaystocks.com and include the first AND last four digits of the card used to sign up with.

16. Is your site secured for credit card orders?

Our site uses an SSL encryption link for credit card orders.

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